Decor Trend: Plants in the Kitchen

Nothing like a little greenery in the kitchen to refresh the atmosphere and bring it a little serenity.

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Indoor plants will always complement the décor of any kitchen!

Here are some lovely options to consider when decorating your kitchen space with greenery.

Herbs and vegetable garden

In addition to being very practical for cooking, using herbs for decoration requires very little space and your kitchen will always smell good!


Cacti are available in so many varieties and are extremely easy to maintain. It’s important to remember to always place cacti high on shelves or counters if you have children or animals in the home. Although if the space allows for it, arranging groupings of multiple cacti plants in your kitchen is a beautiful way to add a unique touch of green!

Different varieties of cacti arranged on a window sill
Photo : @milivigerova

Hanging and falling plants

The next time you’re offered cuttings from a spider plant, don’t hesitate to say yes! All you have to do is soak the clippings to strengthen the roots then transfer the plant to a decorative hanging planter or pot and place them high on top of kitchen cabinets, and voila! When the plant foliage becomes too invasive, just clip off some of the new growth and offer it to a friend or pot them in planters for other rooms in the house.


As their name suggests, succulents go perfectly well in the kitchen to be devoured … with your eyes! These small plants are extremely trendy at the moment and so easy to maintain that it would be a shame not to include them in your kitchen décor!

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