Customer Experience: Alex Tagliani, Auto Racing Driver

The racing driver Alexandre Tagliani placed his trust in Ateliers Jacob for the realization of his kitchen, as well as for the design of other rooms in his house, such as the outdoor kitchen, the bathrooms, the office, etc. He’s telling us about his experience.

"When it came to work plans of the house, I’ve dealt with people from Evolution Architecture who immediately introduced me to designers at Ateliers Jacob. They have helped us, guided us and really accompanied us," says the driver who is not new to house building!

Home improvements have been entirely conceived in order to make each space as functional and as safely as possible. Indeed, when Alex and his wife Bronte started working on plans for the kitchen, they’ve asked their designer if it was possible to use PureBond wood panels, which contain no formaldehyde, for kitchen cabinetry. Of course the answer was positive, since our kitchen designers put the client’s well-being and satisfaction first.

"The designers from Ateliers Jacob went further, giving an incredible finished product, especially in terms of details," continues Alex. Ateliers Jacob actively participated in the creation of this project to ensure that the very essence of design and all the conception elements were directly aligned with the racing driver’s whole residence.

Video and images by DB Médias Inc.
Architectural plans and interior design by Évolution Architecture inc. in collaboration with Ateliers Jacob

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