The Indianapolis: Alex Tagliani’s Kitchen

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A superb modern kitchen perfectly adapted to the tastes and lifestyle habits of the whole family!

"What was important to us was the arrangement of all the kitchen elements, the practical side … up to the garbage's position!", added the racing driver. As it was essential for the couple to be able to cook without being cut off from their guests, our kitchen designers have opted for an open-plan layout, equipped with a gigantic central island. The wooden kitchen cabinets are entirely made of genuine walnut, including the interior. For lower cabinets, we chose a white glossy polymer, found all over the house. Regarding the counters, our designers have selected Dekton. It's a highly compact material that has nearly no porosity, which prevents the spread of bacteria while making cleaning easier.

"Every time we wanted to place an item in the original plan, the designers questioned us to find out about our actual daily use. And the final outcome is truly impeccable!", says Alex. From the cabinets’ opening pressure device to the location of electrical outlets, our kitchen designers were thoroughly involved in the realization of Alex and Bronte Tagliani's dream kitchen!

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