Our accessories

Kitchen and bathroom storage solutions

Ateliers Jacob designs storage solutions to organize kitchen and bathroom drawers and cabinets to maximize storage space. Practical and well-designed, our accessories harmonize perfectly with the room where they are installed thanks to an ingenious and up-to-date design.

Our know-how and expertise in kitchen and bathroom storage accessories are widely recognized. We pride ourselves on designing pieces that are as practical as they are design, suitable for all styles and cabinets of all sizes.

Storage drawers

Customize your drawers according to your storage space needs: spice drawer, utensil drawer, pot drawer… Everything is possible to make your time in the kitchen easier!

Garbage and recycling bins

Gone are the days of the trash lying around the cupboards. At Ateliers Jacob, we think about every detail of your design and even the trash can has its space.


Corner drawers

Kitchen corners can be wasted spaces if misused. A corner drawer and clever accessories make it possible to optimize this space and enjoy every corner of your kitchen.

Storage accessories

Ateliers Jacob offers storage accessories of all sizes to organize your cabinets and drawers more easily.