Ateliers Jacob X Hurlevent

With the purchase of an Ateliers Jacob kitchen, receive as a gift a work of Hurlevent of your choice.* The perfect addition to your new decor!

*Limited quantities, while stocks last.
*Certain conditions apply, contact your designer for more details.


Hurlevent is a local artist from Morin Heights, in the Laurentians.

Behind the artist name, Catherine B de la Sablonnière has been working with Ateliers Jacob for a long time, wearing different hats. Sometimes designer, always artist, she helps define the Ateliers Jacob collections. Having grown in the kitchen cabinet business since she was a child, she has been using her creativity in this market for 20 years.

A propos d'Hurlevent

The emergence of a partnership with Ateliers Jacob

Right from the start, a great friendship grows between her and Simon Bouchard, the owner of Ateliers Jacob. Their friendship creates many projects and wonderful adventures!

From projects for the ExpoHabitation to the renovation of Simon’s personal kitchen, who can forget the memorable trip to Milan’s EuroCucina, the energy overflows!

While renovating his own kitchen, Simon commissions a piece from Hurlevent to complete the style of his new house.

Conversations abound around this project and both realize the influence nature has in their creativity and the impactful feeling of renewal it all creates.

The idea of a partnership comes up. A partnership born of friendship. A partnership between the world of kitchens and the world of arts. Right away, the project takes shape! Ateliers Jacob wants to propel Hurlevent and share with clients the same feeling that launched the project.

Hurlevent created a first series for Ateliers Jacob: “Looking at you”

“Strength is not always brute force, it’s more often the ability to control our emotions and actions with wisdom”


Art pieces exhibited in Ateliers Jacob’s showrooms

Pieces will soon be on exhibit in the new Hurlevent Gallery spaces within Ateliers Jacob’s showrooms. All the pieces exhibited are available on Hurlevent’s website.

Beginning in July 2021, clients of Ateliers Jacob with a qualified project will be able to go to the artist’s website and get their Hurlevent with a promo code as a thank you for their trust!

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