Laurence Gaudreau

Head of Marketing


“I am very grateful to be part of the Ateliers Jacob family, a humane team that, like me, prioritizes authenticity, excellence and distinction. Together, we can promote a brand that has made me extremely proud for more than 10 years!”

Laurence firmly believes in the intrinsic connection between hard work and positive outcomes. She understands that the results she achieves extend beyond mere triumphs, as each experience has demonstrated to her the transformative power of diligent effort. Collaborating with colleagues who share her passion and embrace creativity brings Laurence immense joy. To her, knowledge sharing, and the unique contributions of each team member are synonymous with co-creation and distinction, representing the pinnacle of achievement in the marketing realm.

Aside from being a creative, Laurence is a determined, proactive, performance-driven professional who is dedicated to achieving her goals.  She leads her team by fostering an environment of openness and initiative, while promoting dialogue, collaboration, and the exchange of inspiring ideas.