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“Ateliers Jacob wonderfully combines beauty, function and human nature. Our expertise lies in manufacturing and our undying passion for custom kitchens.”

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We offer a wide range of custom kitchen cabinets to suit all tastes and budgets.

Our cabinets offer also include other rooms in the house. From bathrooms to custom-made furniture, we have everything you need! All our cabinets are designed and manufactured in Montreal’s North Shore.

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We offer a complete service to individuals thanks to our experienced kitchen designers.

A service suitable for contractors is also available with all the associated advantages.

For designers, architects and distributors, our services are readily available and tailored to your business needs.

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Cuisine blanche avec des armoires en chêne
Armoire de cuisine noire et blanche

An Ateliers Jacob Kitchen is…

A kitchen created with your lifestyle and your family’s well-being in mind!

Manufactured in our woodworking shops located in the North Shore of Montreal, our kitchens are designed and thought out to meet all your needs.

For more than  35 years, Ateliers Jacob has been proud to harness the expertise and craftsmanship of local talent.

Cuisine blanche et chêne

All our creations are developed with a universal, timeless and innovative vision of design.

Our  travels abroad for inspiration allow us to keep a fresh eye and to put our creative minds on new paths, without forgetting our well anchored Quebec roots in our own woods!

Above all, Ateliers Jacob is a kitchen made from quality materials  with a heart of local craftsmanship and a continuous search for comfort  in a custom-made environment!

Kitchen Renovation

With us, you will find everything you need to replace your outdated kitchen.

Renovating a kitchen or a bathroom requires impeccable planning to minimize the hassles of such a project on your daily life.

Our approach includes a dedicated kitchen designer and a project manager, providing you peace of mind for your project!

Ready to Bring Your Vision to Life?

We’ll help you choose the perfect materials, colours, and features to create the perfect kitchen for your lifestyle and budget. So why wait? Let us help you bring your dream kitchen to life.