Modern kitchen

Cuisine moderne réalisée par Ateliers Jacob.

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The modern-style kitchen stands the test of time. With its minimal look and open spaces, it offers a calm and relaxing atmosphere made up of raw materials and basic shapes.

Our concepts are worked out to think about every detail: the materials are easy to maintain while bringing character to your space.

Our kitchen designers carefully choose their elements to make them bright and warm rooms. Our modern kitchens are sleek and functional to let the magic happen and everyday life take its place.

Make way for the Essentials

The things that make us feel good are sometimes the simplest. Like feeling the sun on your skin, tasting and savouring a coffee in the morning, or entering the house to the smell of cookies being baked. For a space that breathes to the rhythm of life’s little pleasures, the modern kitchen leaves room for the essentials. An uncluttered and neat design provides a calm and restful ambience. It is the perfect balance between form and function. Prioritizing ergonomics and durability, the modern kitchen stands the test of time. No need to follow the period or style your house was built in – it is your home, after all! Offering the impression of grandeur, your modern kitchen will leave room for your creativity when preparing your favourite dishes to share.

Cabinet Style

With its minimalist look and these open spaces, the modern kitchen consists of cabinets with straight lines and no mouldings. The materials are carefully selected to respect your needs while bringing character to your space. The modern style is distinguished by its removal of ornaments and its great simplicity. Allowing you to hide kitchen tools, we adhere to the mantra ” a place for everything and everything in its place” for a clean environment, with no clutter.

Modern Colours

A monochromatic colour scheme is ideal for creating a modern kitchen. Among the favourite shades, white and beige stand out. If you’re lucky enough to have a historic home, celebrate it by leaving the wooden beams unfinished and opting for white walls, showcasing them like a sculpture. Indeed, white will bring light into your kitchen and will be the perfect backdrop for displaying your works of art.

The Backsplash

To maintain a clean look, opt for full slabs, countertop continuity, or a briquette style, but make sure this is the only touch of texture. As for the finish of the tiles, a glossy finish will provide light, texture and shine to the modern kitchen. Finally, to facilitate the maintenance of your kitchen, opt for large tiles or even better a custom backsplash with no visible joints.

Modern Counters

The kitchen counter is the perfect place to add the ultimate designer touch to your kitchen. For a modern style, the main materials are stone, dekton, concrete, and also wood. To keep the lines clean, opt for a very square counter. In terms of colours, we will go for monochrome tones such as white, pale gray and black as well as the colour of natural wood.


As much in the kitchen as in decoration, the ingredients must be well dosed to obtain the desired result. To create a modern style, you can be frugal in the addition of furniture and accessories. In letting the space breathe, its minimalist style will highlight your works of art. In order to make the space warm, you can add touches of colour through your accessories.

A Minimalist Style

Sticking to the motto ”less is more”. the modern kitchen is distinguished by its decorative stripping and its great simplicity. It is the kind of serenity that only an open space with a minimum of objects can create. But how do you create a minimalist space without losing the warmth from your home? If you use natural materials the right way, your kitchen will be warm and welcoming.