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Custom Cabinets  

All our cabinets are designed in the greater Montreal area.

We offer a complete service to individuals and an adapted service to businesses and contractors.  

Kitchen cabinets

Bathroom cabinets

Custom cabinets and furniture

Kitchen Cabinets 

Exceeding market standards” is the mission we set for ourselves when we build a kitchen. Our cabinets, islands and storage units are made to last, while remaining attractive to the most demanding customers 

Our approach includes different stages of creation that allow people to find the style, materials and configuration that will make their project a success 

Our kitchen designers are creative and attentive to every need, and will guide you through the entire process, right down to the final installation adjustment 


Bathroom Cabinets  

Whether you want a simple, functional space or a luxurious bathroom to relax in, our designers will create a space that suits you. No matter what style of bathroom you choose, we’ll create a look that reflects you 


Walk-ins, laundry rooms and other special projects

Large-scale projects often require the design of several rooms in a home.  

Our factories and designers are accustomed to creating innovative storage spaces that combine the useful with the enjoyable 


Cuisine en Placage de bois UV.

Wide selection of cabinets made in Quebec  

We offer a wide selection of cabinets made in Quebec, using local and imported European materials. All styles are considered and revisited each year to ensure that we keep up with the latest influential trends in the world of kitchen and interior design.  

Our collections are created by experienced professionals and are the result of a research and development effort that truly stands out.   

Throughout the year, our designers research emerging trends in order to offer the latest collections. As a result, our wardrobes are durable, both for their strength and their style.  

Currently, we offer over 9 wall cabinet collections in 19 materials and 107 colors 

Our cabinets will redefine your perception of space  

We will take care to gather your needs and take into account your tastes in order to create a customized plan for your space. All our projects are made with high quality materials 

Our kitchen designers will accompany you in your construction or renovation projects of kitchen, bathroom or any other space of your interior 

Designer cuisiniste - Laurie Bonin Gohier

Our creative process  

When starting a renovation project, it is necessary to plan, evaluate, prioritize, measure, communicate, re-evaluate, etc.   

We offer our clients a design and installation service for their cabinets and pedestals. Our design team prides itself on its extensive experience and our project managers are human and involved in each project.   


Frequently asked questions 

Customized storage solutions  

Our storage accessories are modern and create a difference in the use of space. Accessibility is an underestimated criterion for optimizing the way you cook 


Atelier de fabrication d'armoires. Une vieille femme travaillant sur une armoire en bois en usine


Our selection of materials has evolved over time and we are pleased to be at the top of the list when it comes time for our building partners to make a choice for cabinetry.  

From European laminate to aluminum, and offering a wide range of options such as glass doors or vertical mechanisms, we can bring your creative ideas to life.  


Our cabinets are locally produced and our passion for woodworking has driven the company’s advancement.  

A visit to our showrooms will convince the most skeptical by presenting a product that exceeds the market standards.  

All our designs are protected by the Ateliers Jacob warranty.  

Salle de montre Montréal | Ateliers Jacob - Cuisines et salles de bain en modèles d’exposition à notre magasin de Montréal

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