Classic Kitchens

Classic Kitchens

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New trends come and go, but the classic style has stood the test of time. What makes the classic kitchen timeless?

For starters, its subdued and pale colour palette will never go out of style. Rooted in the traditions of the past, the classic kitchen style comforts us with its familiarity. In fact, many people prefer to draw inspiration from interiors of the past for their rich history while incorporating modern elements such as large kitchen islands and open spaces.

Inspired by traditional European living spaces, a classic kitchen combines timeless decorative details with simple functionality. The soft tones and functional, elegant cabinetry create an environment that feels cozy and, most importantly, never gets old. In fact, this look will fit into any interior and last for years to come.  

A single word: chic

Classic Kitchen Properties 


Neutral and light colours dominate classic kitchens whereas contrasts are avoided to enhance a sense of serenity and functionality. These colours also allow rich mouldings and fine materials to stand out.


To maintain a truly elegant look, we opt for doors and handles with a finely crafted finish. Typically classic, the accents add warmth and texture to your kitchen. Mirror doors also  give a majestic effect to the classic kitchen.

Mouldings and Decorative Panels

Classic kitchens often feature a few architectural elements that evoke wealth and luxury, such as elaborate mouldings, columns or decorative panels.


With its sleek style, a classic kitchen offers complete freedom when it comes to choosing accessories, lighting or colourful appliances. Noble materials, including solid wood, are also used in the furnishings, adding richness to the room.


If you’ve ever traveled to Europe, chances are you’ve seen marble and other natural stones. Used for decades in kitchens, they are a must-have and have more than proven their durability. A countertop with an ogee edge is a popular way to add a sophisticated finish. Neutral colours such as white and grey are an excellent choice to ensure a nicely balanced classic kitchen.