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Our approach has been evolving for over 35 years

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Since 1987, we have been constantly evolving in our creative approach. Good communication and collaboration between professionals and clients are key to the realization of a kitchen or renovation project, which is why listening is at the heart of our projects and business relationships. The customized service we offer to each of our clients gives us the flexibility to work without pressure while respecting the highest standards.

The selection of materials that Ateliers Jacob offers to customers for their projects, from hardware to countertops, is what we are known for and one of the reasons why we stand out in the market.

Manufacturing kitchen cabinets since 1987

Since the opening of our workshop in Saint-Calixte in the Laurentians, we have surrounded ourselves with the best in kitchen cabinet manufacturing. Since then, we have opened 3 new factories that we like to call “workshops”, and we serve several regions including the entire Laval area.

Cuisine moderne avec armoires de rangement dans une pièce spacieuse.

Superior quality cabinets

Continuously evolving, we are proud to have merged the best technologies while maintaining the values of the craftsman. Our achievements demonstrate our know-how, and a visit to our showroom near Laval will show you the excellence of our products. Moreover, our product guarantee ensures peace of mind for each customer.


First of all, select a style that you love

Our Collection includes more than 100 finishes to choose from, with many cabinet door styles and carefully curated materials.

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Stages in manufacturing kitchens

The manufacturing of a kitchen goes through several stages. The kitchen designers will accompany you from the ideation to the installation of the cabinets. Our role in this process is to accompany the customer in order to simplify and enhance each step of the project.

Ideation and design

The kitchen designer and the client will meet a varying number of times, depending on the project. Regardless of the project, they will begin with an ideation meeting.  The needs, styles, and requirements for the renovation or construction will be defined and discussed. 

This will be followed by design meetings where 3D plans and materials will be presented. At any time during this period, you will be able to manipulate the materials and visualize your kitchen thanks to our showrooms, near the Laval area. 

Since we are both the manufacturer and distributor of our cabinets, our customers benefit with this advantage, because it gives us the freedom to realize specific custom requests.

Manufacturing the kitchen

We have taken great care to maintain the quality of our products throughout the evolution of the company. Our factories located in the Greater Montreal area, including the Laurentians, allow us to offer the technological advantages of international companies while maintaining the rigor of the artisan.

Our collections are rigorously reviewed and tested for both style and material in order to present superior quality cabinets to the market and to maintain the durability of our products.

Installing the kitchen

The manager assigned to your project as well as the installers will make sure to synchronize each step of the installation of your kitchen, so that the work proceeds as planned.

Once the installation of your new kitchen is complete, all you have to do is enjoy your new Ateliers Jacob space!

A kitchen designer’s role

The kitchen designer is a specialized interior designer. They accompany the customer through the stages of construction or renovation of the kitchen. Their experience allows them to anticipate the issues and improve daily life in the space created.

They generally work with 3D modeling in order to project a clear vision of the project as a whole and its details. During the manufacturing and installation stages, they also accompany the client to inform them and keep them up to date on the progress of the project.


We serve Laval and the surrounding areas

To simplify the process, our teams in Laval and the surrounding areas are available in person and by videoconference. Our teams serve the entire Laval area and can also accommodate your schedule.

Salle de montre Montréal | Ateliers Jacob - Cuisines et salles de bain en modèles d’exposition à notre magasin de Montréal

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In person or remotely

Although some customers prefer to come to the store to meet with their designated kitchen designer, we understand that some situations make travel more difficult. This is why we have completely adapted our offer to allow you to meet with us via video-conference. You will appreciate this flexibility!


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