Built-in cabinets to optimize your storage

Have you exhausted all your storage options and no piece of furniture seems to fit in your interior? Integrate them directly into the walls and furniture already present, think them to measure!

Published by Évelyne Contant

The kitchen wall has been redesigned to integrate storage space.
Project made by Ateliers Jacob : The Levic Project

When we contact a kitchen cabinet manufacturer, it is often for a new kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Yet, woodworking can apply to many other aspects of your home.

You lack storage in your old house, or your new home is full of empty walls that only accumulate frames? Then a custom built-in would definitely be a good option for you. Indeed, an integrated piece of furniture will perfectly match your decor and increase your storage capacity.

Very often, a piece of furniture that was purchased requires clearance space and does not fill all the space that a piece of custom furniture allows to use. I therefore suggest some ideas of use for an integrated piece of furniture and the solutions that they offer.

Before seeing the various possible locations here are some tips to properly design the built-in furniture:

1- Properly determine the location of the cabinet in your room and the desired size. The ideal is to embed the furniture either in an existing alcove or by creating a descent of ceiling above it. The well framed furniture will appear to be an integral part of the design of the room.

2- Determine the function of your furniture and choose what you want to store exactly. The advantage of choosing custom cabinets is to meet exactly the need you have in terms of storage.

3- Marry the cabinets with your decoration. It is important indeed, that it fits with the style of the house. Sometimes a piece of furniture you buy may have a more heterogeneous appearance since it will be removable. But regarding a built-in, the word says it, it must really blend into the room. Opt for neutral materials preferably and avoid overly large textures. The ideal is to look for a hue similar to the wall or a color that will stand the test of time. Don’t worry, designers are there to guide you in your decisions.

The living room

We have a lot to store in the living room: books, board games, movies, photo frames, video games … Most store-bought storage solutions are not suitable and cannot be housed. Make it the heart of your living room by giving it character.

The fireplace

Why not integrate it into the storage furniture to make it one with the storage cabinet?

wall fireplace
Wall fireplace project by Ateliers Jacob

The kitchen

What’s more user-friendly than an integrated bench seat. Whether for the lunch area, or even for the dining room, a bench provides space when a table lacks clearance space around it.

Kitchen with a dining area with a table, a bench seat and a few chairs.
Modern-style kitchen by Ateliers Jacob: The friendly

The office

While computer technology takes over, laptops become an essential accessory for all. This is why it is essential to plan a space so that family members can work in a designated place.

Contemporary custom-designed desk installed against a wall and with various storage spaces.
Contemporary office made by Ateliers Jacob

The bedroom

Like in the living room, the bedrooms are now often equipped with an audio system. What better than an integrated furniture designed for this function. You can take advantage of it to make wardrobes, desks and everything you need to optimize the storage of your bedroom.

The mudroom

You know the main hall to the house which is always overloaded with boots, school bag and coats? Why not create a piece of furniture where everyone will have their space to put away their stuff! In this way, it will optimize the storage in the most often used and poorly organized place in the house.

There you go! Now you can scrutinize your home in search of the best storage option for your family needs.

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