The Cœur de Pirate Mid-Century Home

For the TV show "Les 12 Travaux de Béatrice," Béatrice Martin teamed up with Ateliers Jacob to create her dream kitchen in her Mid-Century chalet nestled in the Laurentians.

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Béatrice Martin, alias Coeur de Pirate, et son chien, dans sa chaleureuse cuisine conçue par Ateliers Jacob
Béatrice Martin turned to Ateliers Jacob to create the kitchen of her dreams.
La cuisine de Coeur de Pirate conçue par Ateliers Jacob

Just another renovation show…?

In Quebec, we clearly have a soft spot for renovation shows! But when this show follows Béatrice Martin (Coeur de Pirate) and her family in their Mid-Century chalet renovation project, it becomes a must-watch that stands out from the rest!

With her soft and captivating voice, Béatrice has been charming her audience throughout the French-speaking world for several years now. Her eclectic musical style sets her apart as a versatile and original artist. Versatile enough to step out of her excellence zone and tackle a major project without experience? Absolutely!

Surrounded by her partner Marc, their children, parents, friends, but above all her emotionally dependent dog Atreyu, Béatrice dove headfirst into this renovation project! Between tours, blank page moments, and family life, she invited us all to follow her journey in the project titled «Les 12 Travaux de Béatrice» on CASA.

/ The Genesis 

When Béatrice and Marc discovered this chalet in the heart of the Laurentians, near Romy and Arlo’s grandparents, the couple felt inspired! Its Mid-Century style, large living room windows offering breathtaking and soothing mountain views, and a perfect inground pool for summer relaxation—all invited serenity… well, almost! From mushrooms in the ventilation system to a rotting structural beam, numerous obstacles stood between Béatrice and her dream of inspired tranquility.

But nothing would deter the couple from restoring this chalet to its former charm and the comfort they wanted to live in!

La cuisine de Coeur de Pirate conçue par Ateliers Jacob
La cuisine de Coeur de Pirate conçue par Ateliers Jacob

/ The Kitchen at the Heart of the Home 

In the kitchen, Béatrice decided to keep the existing space, removing only the impertinent wall that blocked the kitchen from the living room view of the mountains. A wise decision, without a doubt! The floor tiles dating back to the 1970s construction were preserved, their essence perfectly matching the desire to maintain the retro Mid-Century style.

With the help of her friend Marilou from Langlois Albert, an architecture and interior design firm, Béatrice developed the elements that would give the desired style to her new home.

The old kitchen dismantled, our designer Laurie Bonin Gohier was tasked with supporting Béatrice and her team in planning the new kitchen. Béatrice’s inspirations leaned towards warm brown tones to complement the existing woodwork of the house. Both the ceiling and beams above the kitchen were original wood, emphasizing the duty of conservation and complement.

La cuisine de Coeur de Pirate conçue par Ateliers Jacob

Another important consideration was that this chalet would be occupied by a family including a toddler, Arlo, who inevitably leaves fingerprints on all surfaces, and a very food-loving Atreyu who cannot resist poking around for a little treat. Therefore, the materials chosen for the kitchen had to be easy to clean and maintain over time.

Thus, our Euro Collection with its laminate, a perfect imitation of real wood from color to texture, was chosen. Easy to maintain, this product met Béatrice’s daily life needs. The choice of Nogal Victoria, a version of this product that pays homage to the walnut often found in Mid-Century style homes, couldn’t have been more fitting!

Some kitchen highlights:

  • To maintain clean lines, cabinet door handles were replaced with a «finger-grip» style, where the cabinet fronts serve as their own handle.
  • The simple gypsum hood leaves visual space for other strong elements of the kitchen.
  • The thin white tile backsplash with dark joints is a classic touch.
  • The countertop bridges the various colors and textures of the room.
Coeur de pirate avec son chien dans sa cuisine Ateliers Jacob
La cuisine de Coeur de Pirate conçue par Ateliers Jacob

/ The End is the Beginning

This summer, with the renovation of her chalet finally completed, Béatrice and her family can now fully enjoy it. From her kitchen, Béatrice can peacefully admire the mountain view while her children have fun in the living room by the fieldstone fireplace, Atreyu never leaving her side, and Marc preparing a good coffee in his favorite corner of the kitchen. Between her shows and Montreal life, Béatrice can retreat to the mountain, walk in the forest, dine with loved ones, and perhaps fill her blank page to return with new pieces imbued with her unique creativity…

A home just like Béatrice—eclectic and harmonious!

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