Custom cabinetry designs just for your pets

Do your cat's bowls or your dog's basket very often hang out in the path, take up space and swear in the decor? There are arrangements to integrate them perfectly into the design of your interior, and you will not be the only one delighted!

Published by Catherine De La Sablonnière

Furniture incorporating a cabinet dedicated to the basket of a dog who can sit comfortably in it.

During the first meeting with your kitchen designer, he or she will ask several questions about your daily life habits. For most of us, it means preparing lunches while the kids are having breakfast at the island, cooking dinner at night, and preparing cocktails in the kitchen with friends during the weekend.

For animal lovers daily life activities often also include having our pets around!

We usually store their food in a corner of the pantry and simply put the bowls on the floor, but there is so much more that we can do!

Pet food

When talking to your kitchen designer, you will decide together where it’s the most practical to store your pet’s food and accessories. We can even help you with custom-made or built-in furniture for your pets in the design of your new kitchen!

Custom-made just for your needs!

A custom-made cabinetry piece could be perfect for camouflaging your cat’s litter box (and its smell!). Does your dog  sleep in a kennel? No problem! Your designer can include a space just for your precious doggy while respecting the style of the room.

A mudroom for your dog!

It only takes one day of rain and a bit of mud to make you want to give up on taking the dog outside. But since they must eventually go out, our designers can make sure that coming back inside will be smooth and without too much mess! A custom designed mudroom for your dog can even be equipped with a shower and towel cabinets!

Talking with your kitchen designer about how you interact with your pets in everyday spaces, will help you plan out each room in order to decide the important things like where should the pet food be stored and what to do with those bowls lying around all the time!

And we can bet that your furry friends will also happily enjoy having a space of their own!

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