New Bathroom Trends for 2023

The bathroom is the ultimate place for well-being and relaxation. In addition to its practicality, its design plays a major role in its ambience, and even more so when we follow the latest trends!

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If you’re a homeowner, renovating your bathroom can be essential. You may want to increase the resale value of your home, or simply enjoy a more comfortable bathroom. Discover the captivating trends that will redefine your bathroom experience in 2023.

From a refreshing return to nature with natural colours and materials to the incorporation of lush greenery, these trends will infuse your space with a soothing ambiance. Experience the convenience and luxury of smart home innovations seamlessly integrated into your bathroom. Be inspired to create a unique and stylish oasis by combining these trends in your renovation project. Stay ahead of the game and elevate your bathroom to new heights of comfort and sophistication.

Here are the 9 main trends to watch out for in 2023.


Trend 1: Sico’s paint colour of the year: Melt Water 6156-63

Melt Water 6156-63

It’s not just Pantone that chooses colors every year, Sico and other paint companies do it too! If you’re having trouble choosing your colour palette, let Sico Melt Water (6156-63) come to the rescue. This beautiful, fresh teal evokes the balance and tranquility of the sea and nature, creating a calming and refreshing atmosphere.

While this shade is perfect for any room in the house, it particularly shines in the bathroom, where it can recreate the ambiance of a relaxing spa. Whether you use it on an accent wall, throughout the room, or in small doses through accessories, this gorgeous colour is bound to steal your heart.

Remember to choose a paint that’s designed to resist moisture and mildew, ensuring your walls stay beautiful for a long time. Embrace the soothing allure of Sico’s Melt Water and transform your bathroom into a spa-inspired oasis.


Trend 2: Monochrome Elegance

In 2023, one of the most prominent design trends is the adoption of monochrome rooms. This style focuses on utilizing a single colour throughout the space, from the floor and wall coverings to the bathtub, shower, storage, and accessories. While fresh white remains a popular choice, varying shades of blues and other colours are also in the spotlight.

Embracing a monochrome design is an excellent option for those seeking a clean and modern look. It creates a sense of simplicity and sophistication that is both visually appealing and timeless. Whether you opt for a pristine white aesthetic or explore the depths of color gradations, a monochrome bathroom will effortlessly elevate your space to new levels of elegance.


Salle de bain avec des armoires d'Ateliers Jacob
Ateliers Jacob


Trend 3: Reviving Victorian Style

Get ready to be transported back in time with the reaffirmation of Victorian style in bathroom design for 2023. This trend embraces the opulence and grandeur of the Victorian era, particularly in vanities, storage units, and lighting fixtures. Think clawfoot tubs, pedestal sinks, and the timeless allure of brass fixtures and fittings. It’s a truly chic and sophisticated aesthetic that exudes luxury.

Not only are Victorian alcove showers making a comeback, but the market is also teeming with stunning mirror options to enhance the overall elegance of your bathroom. This trend is perfect for those who crave a classic and refined look, evoking a sense of indulgence and timelessness.


Salle de bain Ateliers Jacob rose avec du bois
Ateliers Jacob


Trend 4: Art Deco-inspired Design Sophistication

Art Deco-inspired design takes the bathroom scene by storm in 2023. This resurgent trend is making a powerful impact, transforming bathrooms into stunning showcases of boldness and elegance. Art Deco design is characterized by its striking use of contrasting colours, geometric shapes, repetitive patterns, and a touch of glamour and luxury. It exudes an air of sobriety, class, and originality that is simply unparalleled.

When incorporating Art Deco elements into your bathroom, remember to strike a harmonious balance and avoid going overboard. The key is to create a cutting-edge look that speaks volumes, leaving your guests in awe of your unique style and impeccable taste. Get ready to make a statement and turn your bathroom into a space that becomes the envy of many!


Salle de bain avec des armoires d'Ateliers Jacob
Ateliers Jacob


Trend 5: Wood and Nature-inspired Materials

Incorporating wood and other nature-inspired materials into your bathroom design is a trend that continues to flourish in 2023. Wood, in particular, holds a special place in bathroom aesthetics, especially when paired with the captivating Sico color of the year 2023, Melt Water (6156-63). While rustic-style vanities may be the first thing that comes to mind, the versatility of wood allows it to adapt seamlessly to any style. From wood-patterned ceramic tiles in the shower to wooden flooring, the possibilities are endless, catering to your unique style preferences.

Experience the soothing warmth of wood in a Scandinavian-inspired bathroom, as it brings you closer to nature and creates a serene, meditative environment. The calming effect of wood invites relaxation, effectively recreating a spa-like atmosphere within the comfort of your home.

Regardless of whether you envision a Farmhouse, Cottage Chic, Urban, Minimalist, or Modern decor, wood has the ability to leave a lasting impression, adding a touch of natural beauty to your space.


Salle de bain avec des armoires en bois d'Ateliers Jacob
Ateliers Jacob


Trend 6: The Black and White Bathroom

The classic combination of black and white continues to captivate in the world of bathroom design. What could be more fitting for achieving chic and timeless elegance? White already exudes a sense of freshness and cleanliness, making it a popular choice in bathrooms. However, taking your design to the next level by incorporating black creates a stunning contrast that adds a personalized touch to your decor. Even in small doses, black brings depth and sophistication to the space.

Consider the allure of matte black faucets or a beautiful black vanity, both of which infuse your bathroom with a luxurious and modern aesthetic. The interplay between black and white creates a captivating visual impact that never goes out of style. Explore the latest collections from ceramic manufacturers to discover inspiration and innovative ways to incorporate this striking duo into your bathroom design.


Salle de bain Ateliers Jacob noire et blanche
Ateliers Jacob


Trend 7: Ceramics That Make a Statement

In the realm of bathroom design, we are witnessing a rising trend of ceramics that leave a lasting impression. Intricate and captivating designs are becoming more prevalent, catching the eye and adding charm to any space. Keep a lookout for the revival of mosaics, which offer endless possibilities with customized colours and shapes. Mosaics are particularly suited for smaller rooms, providing a cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on style.

However, creating a striking impact doesn’t always require complex mosaics. By skillfully blending two or three different ceramic styles, you can achieve a remarkable aesthetic while keeping costs in check. This approach allows for artistic combinations that elicit a sense of wow and wonder. Let your bathroom become a canvas for statement-making ceramics, infusing your space with personality, creativity, and visual allure.


Salle de bain avec armoires blanches Ateliers Jacob et un mur en mosaic noire
Ateliers Jacob


Trend 8: Plants in the Bathroom

In the wake of the pandemic, houseplants have made a triumphant comeback, bringing the vibrancy and freshness of the outdoors into our living spaces. However, did you know that many plants thrive in the naturally humid environment of the bathroom? We’re witnessing a growing trend of incorporating plants into the bathroom, driven by the desire to create a soothing and natural ambiance. From low-maintenance succulents to lush ferns and invigorating pothos, there’s a wide range of plant options that effortlessly enhance your bathroom’s atmosphere.

Plants are more than just decorative elements; they breathe life into your design and inspire a sense of relaxation. With just a few well-chosen plants, you can infuse your bathroom with colour, texture, and a refreshing touch of nature. When selecting plants for your bathroom, consider their specific requirements and choose moisture- and water-resistant vanity and countertop materials to ensure easy maintenance. By carefully curating the right combination of plants and finding their ideal spots, you can effortlessly transform your bathroom into a green oasis.  Adopt plants and green up your space!


Trend 9: Smart Technology in the Bathroom

In the era of smart homes, it’s no surprise that technology has found its way into our bathrooms. Beyond just smart thermostats, we’re witnessing a rise in the presence of tech objects that enhance our bathroom experiences. From smart toilets to auxiliary mirror TVs, there’s a myriad of ways to integrate technology into your bathroom design.

Although not essential, the gadgets available on the market can truly enhance your time spent at home. While certain smart accessories may have a higher initial cost, such as bidets and smart thermostats, they are becoming increasingly affordable. Moreover, they can help reduce your expenses in the medium and long term, while also contributing to the preservation of natural resources and reducing your environmental footprint. It’s a smart choice that combines convenience, sustainability, and modernity.



These trends for 2023 provide a glimpse into the exciting possibilities for your bathroom or powder room renovation. By incorporating these design elements, you can create a space that reflects your personal style and enhances your overall well-being.

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, stay informed about these trends to inspire and guide your design decisions. For more information and personalized advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to our professionals. We’re here to help you create a bathroom that perfectly suits your needs and tastes, ensuring you love and enjoy your space for years to come.

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