EuroCucina 2024 – Where Europe Leads with Inspiration!

EuroCucina, a celebration of tradition and innovation, drew an impressive crowd in its 62nd edition, with over 300,000 international attendees from 35 countries and 1950 exhibitors showcasing their finest designs.

Published by Catherine De La Sablonnière

EuroCucina Highlights

This year, our team of ambassadors was thrilled to explore the show, returning with a trove of top design ideas! Each booth was a hub of creativity, displaying not just eye-catching designs but also intricate technical details.

We’ve picked a few concepts that stood out and might even challenge our usual North American tastes a bit.

  1. Concepts / A study in volumes
  2. Materials / Nature inspires us
  3. Colours / We embrace them!

Concepts / A study in volume


1. Curves

Already popular in North America, curves are here to stay. They add a gentle, inviting feel to any space, balancing straight lines with their organic shapes. Exhibitors showcased them in kitchen islands, countertops, and tables, proving their timeless appeal.

EuroCucina exhibitors present them in a variety of ways, including:

  • rounded island ends/corners
  • countertops with rounded profiles
  • rounded tables
Interior Designs from EuroCucina
Interior Designs from EuroCucina
Interior Designs from EuroCucina

It’s a timeless design element that resonates with human nature. The balance between straight, fine lines and curves is an art worth exploring!


2. Slats 

This trend has been well-established for some time in Canada and the United States. Evolving from simple, urban designs to more sophisticated applications, slats have taken a creative turn. At the show, they appeared in various forms, from wall accents to frosted glass features, demonstrating versatility and style.

At EuroCucina, we witnessed many uses for slats, in every conceivable variation! From walls and doors to stone and frosted glass, no surface was spared. This is a recurring phenomenon at events of this kind. Exhibitors seek to impress visitors with elaborate concepts, rich in aesthetic elements. But should we follow suit at home? If you feel like it, why not! However, it shouldn’t just be out of a desire to follow the trend. We’re convinced that incorporating slats into our concepts is a good idea, but in moderation, to ensure the longevity of our design.

Here are a few examples:

Interior Designs from EuroCucina
Interior Designs from EuroCucina
Interior Designs from EuroCucina

3. Shallow cabinets 

Frequently seen in kitchens, shallow cabinets are perfect for storing everyday items or displaying decor. Whether as open shelves or with sliding doors, they integrate seamlessly into any kitchen design.

The most common version is the open or sliding-door cabinet integrated into the kitchen backsplash. This can be an interesting addition to your kitchen space to store items such as oils and spices, create a coffee corner with cups within easy reach, or even serve as a decorative area. It’s a popular option!


4. Open cupboards

This trend mixes materials to create visually appealing storage solutions. Wood bases with lacquered slats or stone accents, combined with thin shelving and lighting, enhance the overall aesthetic of open cupboards.

Interior Designs from EuroCucina with shelves
Interior Designs from EuroCucina with shelves
Interior Designs from EuroCucina with shelves

Materials / Nature inspires us


1. Natural stone 

Natural stone is everywhere! Honestly… what a treat! These materials add depth, texture and elegance to any design. However, our European friends have a very different perspective on stone than we do. While North Americans generally prefer immaculate stone, Europeans appreciate its natural aging process and history revealed through natural stone. Whichever you prefer, here are a few highlights:

  • Profiles are front and center; curves, profiles higher than the surface, bevels, it’s all there!
  • Travertine makes a strong comeback
  • Stone can be found on every surface
  • Slats are in vogue on walls and around islands
  • Apron sinks are often integrated into the stone
Kitchen Islands seen at Eurocucina 2024
Kitchen Islands seen at Eurocucina 2024
Kitchen Islands seen at Eurocucina 2024

2. Wood 

Solid wood, veneer and synthetic imitations are all in vogue. This brings warmth and substance to spaces. As wood is a noble material, it’s only natural that it should be one of the most sought-after materials in kitchen design. As for imitations, they’re all about durability and resistance that adapt well to high-traffic areas, making wood ideal for any kitchen!

Colours / We embrace them!


1. Wood tones  

Rich wood tones dominate, from medium to dark shades, providing a classic, sophisticated look. Shades of chocolate, espresso, charcoal and black can be found, with wood grain either visible or felt in the texture. Pale wood kitchens are becoming rarer, but when they are offered, they tend to be in soft, beige or sandy tones.


2. Pink 

Pink is making a statement, ranging from soft, antique shades to bolder hues, suitable for accents or larger elements. From antique pink accessories, reminiscent of a soft, muted Victorian pink, to stronger wall accents to complete wardrobes in nuanced pink.

Interior Design detail from the Eurocucina 2024 show
Interior Design from the Eurocucina 2024 show

What to do with these inspirations?

Having visited this event several times over the years, we’ve concluded that the styles presented at EuroCucina are firmly rooted in the event’s own culture. The concepts remain mostly stable across the years, so they are timeless.


If you like the styles presented at EuroCucina,
here are a few things to consider when creating your space:

  • Embrace volume, for example by creating a multi-level island.
  • Think in terms of work zones instead of the traditional triangle layout.
  • Replace handles with finger grips or even integrated handles for a sleek look.
  • Mix materials like glass and aluminum in your cabinetry.
  • Create depth with niche storage and strategic lighting.
  • Use LED strips behind glass doors, shelves and even on vertical surfaces.
  • If you decide to incorporate white, go for a warm white and balance it out with a textured white, a lacquered door with a profile, or wood and natural stone.

Consult your Kitchen Designer

At Ateliers Jacob, we’re ready to help you bring these trends seen at EuroCucina into your home:

  • We have an exceptional line of pedestals created for the “finger grip” style and soon, Gola profiles will be added to this offer, including LED strips in the “finger grip”.
  • Ultra-thin shelves: we’ve developed a metal shelf that creates the same style as those seen at EuroCucina. Ask your designer to integrate them into your concept!
  • Curves: a brand-new model of hood mantle is now available. It has round corners and is available in wood and lacquer. You can even add flexible slats! We can also create columns and island ends with round corners in these materials.
  • Slats: we now offer several types of slats. From straight wooden or lacquered slats to synthetic slats and several linear door models are available as well.

EuroCucina not only showcases stunning designs but also embodies a deep respect for craftsmanship and innovation. If these ideas excite you, book an appointment with one of our experienced kitchen designers today! We’ll create your dream space!

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EuroCucina manufacturing designers who inspire us

For continuous inspiration, check out the designers we admired in Milan. Inspiration never ends! One company that holds a special place in our hearts is PoggenPohl. We had the pleasure of experiencing their remarkable “Gravity of Light” exhibition firsthand. Renowned for its exceptional quality, this German manufacturer consistently introduces innovative and striking designs.

Did you know that Grolle, a member of Groupe Ateliers Jacob in Montreal, is the only distributor of PoggenPohl in Eastern Canada?

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