Ariane Nadeau

Kitchen designer


Ariane is an accomplished interior designer with seven years of experience in the field, and a specialization in kitchen design. With degrees in Art History and Interior Design, she brings a unique perspective to each project, combining aesthetics and functionality in a way that is both beautiful and practical.

Ariane’s passion for cooking is evident in each of her designs. Her remarkable attention to detail creates unique culinary experiences for her clients. She finds motivation in imagining her clients cooking in the kitchen spaces she creates and takes pride in designing practical solutions that meet their individual needs and expectations.

Ariane is versatile in her design style, enjoying farmhouse/modern, traditional, and transitional styles. Her expertise combined with all the materials in our cabinetry collection allows her to create unique colour schemes, but she is particularly fond of working with wood and lacquered MDF.

Designers such as Joanna Gaines and Amber Lewis inspire Ariane, who admires their use of warmth, mixing of styles, bold choices of materials and textures, and integration of the old and the new in their respective projects.


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