Catherine Ouimet

Kitchen designer


My academic and professionnal background

I studied Visual Merchandising at Cegep du Vieux-Montreal and Industrial Design at UdeM.

My ambitions and why i became a designer

I have always been insipred by what surrounds me and chose to become a designer to create pracitcal and beautiful, welcoming spaces.

Why I like working at Ateliers Jacob

Working at Ateliers Jacob allows me to grow each day surrounded by really fun and talented team!

About my style

Inspiration et passion

I demonstrate a keen interest in culinary arts and the outdoors and find inspiration in architecture, old houses and Scandinavian Mid-Century modern furniture.

Preferred materials and application

I love using wood and natural stones in my projects for their unique characteristics.

My dream project would be to

One of my dream projects would be to design millwork for a century-old house that is being restored to its original glory!

My experience

Years of experience, specialty, type of achievement

I have over 4 years of experience as a kitchen designer and I specialize in kitchens that perfectly represent my customers’ style. I also love when I get the chance to include unique combinations of colours and materials that are in harmony with the house’s style.

Outside of work

My friends would say I’m

Cheerful, a go-getter, always ready to make a dessert for any occasion and at all times ready for an evening at Mon Lapin restaurant.

My favorite restaurant is

Mon Lapin

My favorite movie is

I love Wes Anderson’s visual and colorful worlds!

For any questions, contact us!

Contact me!