Emie Champoux

Kitchen Designer | Estrie


After earning her degree in interior design in 2017, Emie began her career in the lighting industry where she discovered the importance of creating an atmosphere that matched the specific needs of each space. This experience seamlessly transitioned her into kitchen design, where her imaginative flair and passion for crafting emotionally resonant living spaces flourish.

From her earliest days in the field of design, Emie’s ambition was to fully understand how different environments can evoke a spectrum of emotions in people. She is particularly fascinated by the impact of colour, texture, and spatial arrangement on a person’s well-being, shaped significantly by their surroundings.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, widely known as Le Corbusier, Emie embraces innovative approaches to proportions based on the architect’s well-considered principles. She aims for a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality, crafting designs that are both timeless and innovative.

Her preference for natural materials, especially wood, stems from its boundless adaptability. Wood’s sculptability not only allows for artistic expression but also brings a unique character to each design, with endless variations in hue and texture that cater to many projects.

Known for her practical and straightforward approach, Emie is committed to laying a strong foundation for designs that precisely align with each client’s needs and visions. Her enthusiasm for working within a forward-thinking company fuels her motivation.

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