Jordan Remy

Kitchen Designer


 Jordan Remy’s journey into the world of design began early, driven by a deep-seated passion that led him to pursue a formal education in the field. He holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Marseille, France, complemented by a DEP in interior decoration and visual presentation. His dual expertise allows him to create designs that masterfully blend architectural integrity with aesthetic appeal.

Jordan enjoys exploring many different styles, favouring mid-century, Japandi, and contemporary designs. He loves playing with shapes, colours, and textures to craft engaging and dynamic spaces. His favourite materials are wood and stone, both of which he values for their warmth and character, as well as wood’s versatile and nuanced nature.

Known for his creativity, calmness, and exceptional listening skills, Jordan believes that understanding clients’ needs is crucial in the design process, ensuring each project is tailor-made to their preferences and lifestyle.

Outside of work, Jordan enjoys travelling and exploring new countries.  His travels are not just a personal passion but also serve as a source of inspiration, broadening his perspective and keeping him updated with the latest global trends in design and architecture.

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