Laurie Campeau

Kitchen Designer


Laurie, an honour graduate of the Centre de formation des Nouvelles-Technologies in interior design and visual presentation, embarked on her journey as a kitchen designer with the Ateliers Jacob team after gaining valuable experience with several interior designers.

From an early age, Laurie has nurtured a passion for art, design, and innovation. Her calmness and her exceptional listening skills enable her to fully invest herself in every project, treating them as if they were her own.  She takes care of her clients, guiding them attentively from project inception to completion, consistently exceeding their expectations.

Laurie’s greatest delight in her profession comes from the ability to personalize each space, creating sophisticated and functional decors. She is committed to incorporating innovative ideas that enhance people’s lives, making them more comfortable and enjoyable over time. Among various design styles, Laurie finds herself drawn to Scandinavian aesthetics, known for their peaceful, soft, and warm ambience. Consequently, she favours working with materials like wood for its natural charm and lacquered MDF for its variety of colours.

Beyond her passion for design, Laurie actively explores her interests and nurtures her talents. She finds solace and rejuvenation through playing music, and she loves cooking and sharing delectable meals with her loved ones.


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