Maruska Fédon

Kitchen Designer


Maruska is a passionate kitchen designer holding degrees in audiovisual design from Nice, France, and in interior design and visual presentation from Lachine, Canada. Every custom project she undertakes is characterized by her passion, dedication, and meticulous attention to detail.

Her conviction lies in the essential role of decoration and design in our daily lives. “Whether at home, in stores, at museums or in architecture, these elements help us express our identity,” she emphasizes. This is why Maruska strives to create unique spaces where a nurturing atmosphere prevails, promoting overall well-being.

Influenced by Scandinavian aesthetics, Maruska finds inspiration in its cozy, serene atmospheres. She also admires cameo designs for their ingenious use of monochrome colours and varied textures. Her affinity lies with organic materials, and she is particularly fond of working with wood, exploring colours, and incorporating metals such as bronze and brass.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Maruska is an insatiable creative jack-of-all-trades who loves to experiment with antiques, resin, and the art of sewing. She readily lends her expertise to advise friends and family on any interior design project.


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