Why Meet with a Kitchen Designer?

Hiring a kitchen designer to carry out your dream project relieves you of a lot of hassle. What to prepare for your first meeting?

Published by Émilie Lafrenière

Designer with a client

Do you have a renovation or construction project in mind and are in need of a kitchen? It is strongly recommended that you meet with a kitchen designer to make sure you think of everything. First of all, a kitchen designer is a designer specialized in kitchen planning and works directly with the clients to complete their project.

You must set-up an initial appointment in order to provide your designer with the necessary information to enable them to properly understand your project. Here is the required information you need for your first appointment.

The Lay-out of Your Kitchen

(as well as the lay-out of your dining room, if it is open concept.) with as much detail as possible, such as the placement and measurements of windows, doors, any openings, the range hood, the sink, the height of the ceilings, etc.

Pictures of the Existing Kitchen and of Adjacent Rooms

It is a good idea to include pictures of the dining room table and all other pieces of furniture that will be visible from the kitchen. If you plan on changing furniture, try and obtain pictures of the new pieces so that the designer can advise you on materials that will match with the later. It is possible that the designer set the first meeting at your place to facilitate access to this information and an understanding of the project.


If you are changing your appliances, it is advised to shop around for them before the first meeting, to have an idea of their dimensions and your global budget. Make note of the model number so that the designer can easily access all pertinent information.

Classic kitchen with oak kitchen cabinets. An imposing blue oven is integrated into the set.
Classic-style kitchen made by Ateliers Jacob : The Copenhagen

Your Budget

This is an important element to enable your designer to complete your project according to your expectations. If you are unsure, inquire with friends, colleagues and family. Or, following the first appointment and after studying your needs, the designer will be able to give you an idea of the cost before embarking on such a big project.

Images of Inspiration

To properly understand the style of kitchen you are looking for, given that we do not all have the same definition of modern, contemporary, classic, etc., seek inspiration by looking at our kitchen portfolio! The Houzz website is a great source of inspiration for any style. My colleague Catherine, recently talked about this great tool.

The Deadline to Receive your New Kitchen

It is advised to meet with your kitchen designer 2 to 4 months prior to the date you wish to use your kitchen. Earlier is not better as the project will evolve constantly, given changes in trends and prices over time.

Your Priorities and Expectations

It is important that your kitchen designer be aware of your expectations so that you are 100% satisfied upon completion of the project. Once you and your designer are on the same wavelength, your project will most certainly be successful!

And now, all that is left to do is make an appointment.

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