European Laminate Bathroom


In this narrow bathroom, every inch counts! Despite its small size, the design is sleek and efficient, with an abundance of cabinets and drawers that offer ample storage space. The floating vanity and hanging storage units in exclusive European laminate by Ateliers Jacob create a weightless effect, making the room feel more spacious.

The quartz countertop, freestanding bathtub, and white lacquer niche incorporated into the cabinets bring a touch of purity and brightness to the decor. The medicine cabinet mirror conceals additional storage space, adding to the functionality of the room. The undermount sinks, built directly into the quartz countertop, are easy to clean and seamlessly blend into the overall design.

The large, light-colored ceramic shower is equipped with translucent glass panels that blend in seamlessly with the decor, while providing a generous amount of space for a comfortable shower experience.


Professionnels : Groupe Marsan 

Projet immobilier : Sommet La Marquise


European Laminate