The Mont Blanc Bathroom


This beautiful bathroom fuses the rustic charm of a farmhouse with sleek modern touches to craft a space that is both welcoming and elegantly refined. The warmth of natural wood pairs with the black stainless steel details, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Embrace the transformative power of natural stone, a material that not only elevates the bathroom’s design but also brings the inherent beauty of the outdoors inside. Our client’s renovation journey underscores the value of this durable, high-quality material, celebrated not only for its practicality, but also for resisting moisture and temperature fluctuations, and its ability to imbue any space with a sense of timeless elegance. The result? A breathtaking bathroom that serves as a testament to the material’s natural allure and enduring charm.

The space is further enhanced by the addition of custom cabinetry, meticulously designed and crafted by experts in architecture and fine craftsmanship from Ateliers Jacob. Every piece is a bespoke creation, tailored to our clients’ precise desires, adding an exclusive touch of chic sophistication to the bathroom.