Classic kitchen

Modern touches have been added to this sophisticated kitchen, bringing new life to the classic and traditional style.  The different shades of gray on the walls, cabinets, and countertops create an effect that combines warmth and simplicity for a modern result.

The quartz countertops are thin, ¾ of an inch thick, creating a subtle effect of finesse and refinement.  Falling on either side of the island, they feature a beveled profile, which is a stylistic detail exclusive to Tendances Concept.  The massive hood is slightly wider than the cooktop, giving a sense of grandeur, and a glass walk-in pantry allows light to filter into the room.

In addition to the beveled countertops, two exclusive Tendances Concept designs are featured in this kitchen: the built-in grey-stained MDF china cabinet and the sandstone-coloured Deauville cabinet doors, fitted in with rift cut oak, that features their signature square pattern.