The Cartier

Classic kitchen

A classic and luxurious kitchen with a Shabby Chic style, where abundant light, natural elements, and woody touches bring a warm atmosphere!

Although white dominates the space with a textured tic-tac-toe designed ceiling, curved arches and rectangular door frames, the contrast of the island's cabinets and the black-stained, cherry wood, built-in cabinet gives a full-bodied and deep hued contrast.  Note the addition of crystal decorations on the legs of the island for a majestic effect! In addition to the built-in fridge and the breakfast nook adjacent to the kitchen, our kitchen designer saw fit to equip this large space with a host of accessories and functional elements that will certainly make life easier for the owners.  These extra details include a metal spice rack, a hidden niche for cutting boards, dedicated storage for the wood in the fireplace, and false drawers at the cooktop level.

For the countertop, our designer chose a beautiful piece of granite in the Supreme White shade. And did you notice the ceiling?  A decor trend that continues to enthrall clients, textured ceilings will stay in vogue for the next few years!

Countertop partner: Granit Design