The Cape Cod : Lacquer, walnut and booth

The owners of this home desired to recreate the calm and peaceful atmosphere of a waterfront.  Gently imposing its presence in the space is a magnificent central island, a major attraction of this kitchen.  It exudes a classy grandeur yet welcomes both guests and family to recline on its spacious, unpretentious, and accommodating bench.

The cabinets were constructed using lacquered MDF and cherry wood.  The kitchen’s blue and white tones gradually amplify the feeling of relaxation and comfort while harmonizing the various spaces of the home, especially the adjacent living room which offers a magnificent view of the river.

The modestly imposing banquette countertop, constructed from solid walnut, brings a resonant undertone to the space.  The cupola handles and clear X-shaped glass in the kitchen cabinets lightly accentuate the upper notes layering the space.

This country-style kitchen project was realized with close collaboration and continuous communication with the client, who is an individual passionate about decor, cooking, and family gathering.


Wood Lacquer