MDF Lacquer Cabinets

Sturdy and resistant to humidity

Our cabinets in lacquer on MDF, taken from the English “Medium Density Fiberboard“, are made from wood shavings mixed with synthetic resin.  This process allows MDF to be more environmentally friendly than solid wood, as it does not require the direct felling/cutting down of trees for its design.

It is an excellent choice for replacing solid wood due to its sturdiness and resistance to humidity. 

MDF Lacquer Cabinets 

MDF Lacquer Cabinets 


After designing the MDF panels, they are sent to the paint department where lacquer coats are applied. The lacquer is then applied in several thin successive layers until the desired result is obtained.  This process allows for a wide choice of colors in an opaque finish, as well as many door model options. 


Easy to maintain 

Huge variety of colors 

More economical than solid wood 

The material warps less than solid wood 

Does not require direct tree cutting 


Vulnerable to water and other liquid damage 

Less robust compared to solid wood 

Difficult to retouch in case of scratches 

Marks easily from impacts and blows