Matériaux d'armoire
Lacquer Wood

The Oxford Kitchen

Classic kitchen

Designed by Imperium immobilier in collaboration with Ateliers Jacob

As dawn breaks, the Oxford Kitchen comes to life, bathed in the soft morning light. Evoking the verdant, rolling hills and charming villages of the English countryside, this kitchen wraps us in its timeless allure. Here, around the sturdy wood island, family and friends converge to share laughter and create lasting memories over drinks and casual meals. This space not only brings warmth during the colder months but also offers a refreshing coolness in the summer—a reminder of the simple joys found in shared moments and cups of tea.

Cuisine de style traditionnel créée par Ateliers Jacob
Cuisine Ateliers Jacob de style

Design and Materials

This magnificent kitchen marries traditional design with modern finesse. The choice of materials in this kitchen is both thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing. The custom cabinetry uses a variety of materials from our collection.

Deep-toned, rich wood from our collection is used for some of the cabinets, the island and the wall shelves in the barista area, contrasting beautifully with the lighter grey lacquer of the lower cabinets. This combination of materials, enhanced by magnificent brass handles, echoes the craftsmanship of classic English furniture.

Cuisine de style traditionnel créée par Ateliers Jacob

Fantasy Brown quartzite, used for the countertop and backsplash in both the cooking and barista areas, creates a stunning visual statement. This magnificent material, with its natural shades and unique patterns, adds a touch of elegance to the kitchen.

The central island, with its square legs, end with thick shelves and apron sink, is a practical focal point for meal preparation. The checkerboard floor sets the tone for a resolutely elegant kitchen.

Hardware elements such as antique brass kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls, along with vintage-style lighting fixtures,  enhance the kitchen’s quintessentially English charm, reflecting a meticulous attention to detail.