The Coveted

Modern kitchen

This penthouse was planned for a couple in their sixties, with an in and out lifestyle of travelers. When they got home, they wanted to be able to relax by cooking together or drinking a glass of wine on the islet while admiring the view.

They like to host a couple at a time and wanted the guests to feel comfortable accompanying them in the kitchen by sitting at the island for a cocktail without being in the space of those who cook.

Here, the clients wanted a practical kitchen with built-in appliances, not too visible. Given the location of the kitchen, directly next of the dining room with its magnificent pantry, we wanted to give the laboratory kitchen a chic and cozy effect. We wanted a kitchen that didn’t make too much… cooking! In addition, the dining room was to allow the installation of a large storeroom with additional glass storage on each side.

The kitchen wall doors are all matt bronze mirror, which gives a singular and soft effect while being ultra-chic. It is the aluminum frames of Kadrium that allowed us to create this design. Another interesting point is the hood coat whose first four inches are made of clear glass. This allows to keep the most free visual space, to block the view of the magnificent fenestration to the minimum, while keeping maximum suction for the hood by creating a vacuum tank.

Materials (kitchen):

Material A: Kadrium | Frame INT 15 | Black anodized bronze mirror

Material B (Hood): Evocative Collection | Black 03 + Clear glass

Materials (dining room):

Material A (doors): Kadrium | Frame INT01 | Anodized Aluminium Black Mat

Material B (drawers): Evocative Collection | Urban Door | Black 03

Material C (interior of glass boxes): Wood Collection | Natural EP Walnut


Polymer Wood Aluminium