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Cuisine farmhouse ave des armoires en bois blanches

Canadian Quality Design & Manufacturing

For more than 35 years, Ateliers Jacob has taken pride in harnessing the expertise and craftsmanship of local talent.

We offer a wide selection of cabinets made in Canada, using both locally sourced and imported European materials. Every style is thoughtfully considered and revisited each year to ensure that we keep up with the latest trends in kitchen and interior design.

Manufactured in Canada

Our manufacturing approach integrates state-of-the-art and innovative methodologies to ensure our operations are efficient, precise, and produce high-quality results. This includes using the latest technology, optimized processes, and a commitment to continual enhancement, all aimed at surpassing industry standards and fulfilling customer expectations.

Manufacturing plants

Boasting over 12,000 square feet of space across three production sites, we employ over 200 skilled craftsmen dedicated to creating your dream kitchen.


We work with a wide variety of high-quality materials and offer over 100 finishes to bring our customers’ creative ideas to life.

production time

Our efficient production timeline of 4 to 8 weeks means you can quickly enjoy the luxury and quality of our custom designs.

Cuisine avec des armoires blanches à moulure Ateliers Jacob et un ilôt central au style parisien

Timeless Custom Designs

Our competitive edge is deeply rooted in our unique capability to refine our offerings without sacrificing the essence of customization that defines us. This evolution stems from our extensive history, transitioning from custom creations for each project to a more efficient, streamlined methodology—a transformation fueled by years of dedication and craftsmanship.

Our current strategy blends affordability with customization, offering a line that’s not only flexible but customizable down to the finest detail—1/8″ on all cabinets. This range comes loaded with various features and options, all adaptable to meet your specific requirements.

Our manufacturing process embodies our commitment to maintaining this critical balance, ensuring that your investment yields exceptional value.

Our high-end  Collection

Introducing Our Collection – Ateliers Jacob’s dedication to combining aesthetics, superior quality, and enduring craftsmanship in every piece is evident. This collection is designed with purpose, each selection placed thoughtfully across various prices to accommodate all styles and budgets.

The beauty of our collection lies in its versatility – you can mix and match to perfectly align with your vision! Our dedicated creative team continually strives to expand our collections, carefully curating pieces that not only stand the test of time but also align with the latest trends.

At Ateliers Jacob, we firmly believe that the essence of a trend is its capacity to integrate effortlessly with timeless designs. Thus, our collection represents a perfect balance of classic and contemporary, providing limitless opportunities to craft spaces that truly embody your individual taste.


Cuisine conçue par Ateliers Jacob avec des armoires noires en bois et un grand îlot central

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