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Polymer Wood
Ariane Nadeau

The White Oak Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchens

The sun gently brightens this kitchen, highlighting the natural nuances of vintage oak from the Ateliers Jacob collection, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Rich in character, this wood adorns the central island and frames the integrated fridge, enhancing the kitchen’s intimate yet welcoming feel.

The island serves as the focal point of the kitchen, with its stunning Silestone Calacatta Gold countertops, inviting family and friends to gather and share moments of joy over appetizers. Cream-coloured stools line up, offering a comfortable spot to relax and enjoy the company.

Cuisine Farmhouse conçue par Ateliers Jacob avec des armoires blanches et un dosseret en Silestone
Cuisine Farmhouse conçue par Ateliers Jacob, avec un comptoir en chêne blanc et des armoires blanches

Design and Materials

Blending farmhouse charm with elegance and comfort, every detail has been carefully crafted for aesthetic appeal and functionality, transforming it into a true haven. The Silestone countertops extend seamlessly to the backsplash, creating a smooth and elegant look.

Concealed within a white oak facade adorned with moldings, the range hood mirrors the rustic yet refined style of the island and fridge wall, all part of Ateliers Jacob’s “Bois” collection. This consistent use of natural oak throughout the kitchen adds a cohesive, earthy element to the design.

Cuisine Farmhouse conçue par Ateliers Jacob, avec un comptoir en chêne blanc et des armoires blanches

For the cabinetry, Ateliers Jacob’s “Velvet” collection in a “fresh linen” hue wraps the space in soft light, fostering a serene and inviting atmosphere. This choice complements the overall aesthetic, aligning perfectly with the farmhouse-inspired theme.

The wine cellar becomes a focal point with its internal lighting and glass doors, not only displaying a selection of wines but also enhancing the kitchen’s sophisticated feel. Its wooden accents introduce an additional layer of rustic charm, synonymous with farmhouse style, completing the look of The White Oak Kitchen.