4 autumn decorative objects without pumpkin (or almost)

When fall is here, we are used to bringing out our seasonal decorative elements and pumpkins are almost always part of it. But they are not the only essentials of the season for a successful fall atmosphere!

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When autumn sets in slowly and we spend more time indoors, we like to create the warm and friendly atmosphere that this season inspires us. Just like us, you might want to give your interior a makeover with fall colors … and who says fall, says pumpkins. But the fall season isn’t just about the abundance of pumpkins!

With simple accessories, you can completely change the decor of a room! And for an autumn vibe, you don’t have to choose shades of orange. Several other colors lend themselves perfectly to the season and there are many more decorative options besides pumpkins and dried corn on the cob! Discover the 4 essential decorative objects of this season.

Autumnal wreaths

Do it yourself or not, fall wreaths can take on a multitude of shapes depending on the elements you choose. You can choose to hang it on your front door but also anywhere in your home to enhance its woody and warm atmosphere.

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Seasonal doormats

In addition to being very practical, since autumn also brings its share of rainy days (and mud!), A pretty doormat sets the tone for the season and the decoration of your interior.

You can easily accessorize your porch or entryway with a few more decorative elements if you like to participate in the neighborhood vibe and make a splash every season.

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The candles

Indispensable to create the cocooning atmosphere we are looking for in the fall, candles perfume our entire interior and can be design elements in themselves when combined with other decorative objects.

We favor seasonal scents like all the gourmet flavors of spice cake or chocolate for total immersion.

Plateau disposé sur une table de salon sur lequel sont placés quelques éléments de décoration et une bougie allumée.

Dried flowers

Dried flowers add a touch of elegance and color to our interior. They’re easily found on nature walks, and it’s a good excuse to take in the outdoors!

If the flowers you find are neutral in color, don’t hesitate to choose a vase with character to contrast your decor.

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No one will blame you if you can’t resist the temptation to place a few pumpkins here and there in your decoration.

Perfect as a table runner, their different sizes and colors allow them to slide everywhere: on the windowsill, on the kitchen counter or on shelves!

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And you, what is your favorite fall decoration? Share your tips with us in the comments or on your social medias!

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