Hidden storage: the convenient way to organize!

A few tips can save you real space in your kitchen, especially by optimizing your storage space.

Published by Claudine L'Heureux and Évelyne Contant

white kitchen with plenty of storage space.
Modern-style kitchen made by Ateliers Jacob : The Providence

They’re the complete opposite of open cabinets that we line with nice flatware and tasteful accessories. The concept of hidden storage is based on the need to efficiently use all of the available space.

Whether it is for a bar area, a breakfast space, a storage unit, a pantry or a preparation surface, these cabinets are well thought out to allow you to appreciate your kitchen even more!

Hidden by large doors, these massive armoires personalize your space as you want it while remaining aesthetic and practical. Small appliances are now conceal, finally allowing to free up your countertop surfaces.

As for the features, there are several possible opening systems for these hidden storage units such as pocket doors, folding doors or even roll-front doors. Well designed, every square inch is used at its full potential!

Kitchen with many very tall white storage cabinets.
Transitional kitchen made by Ateliers Jacob : The Concorde

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