The Perfect Basement of Alex Tagliani

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A space which perfectly represents the racing driver, where it’s possible to admire the trophies and race suits while taking advantage of the giant screen!

"When the kitchen designers from Ateliers Jacob have arrived, I found it interesting to have someone on the design side who didn't just give me what I was asking for, but who has guided me to avoid any problem with the construction. It was really fun to work with pros… Especially since there were a lot of Alex Tagliani to satisfy in this project!", he said as a joke by making reference to the five mannequins dressed in the driver's old suits.

We have entirely designed this display in order to highlight Alex's various trophies and racing suits. The lighting and the arrangement of the different parts practically transform the basement into a museum. And with its two racks of helmets, mostly traded with other drivers (a tradition in motor racing), the bar area, made of white and grey glossy polymer cabinets, quickly becomes a place where all the stories could be told!

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Video and images by DB Médias Inc.

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Budget guide
= Less than $25,000
= Between $25,000 and $50,000
= More than $50,000

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