Mariloup Wolfe’s Walk-In

Custom design

A large, functional space designed just for Mariloup Wolfe! Discover her experience with Ateliers Jacob's in our video testimonial by clicking here. Video and images by DB Médias Inc.

"It's crazy to undertake a renovation project like this!  And I was all alone in this, but I was really guided by professionals who supported me throughout!"

We took the opportunity to create the closets exactly as Mariloup wanted them.  Large and spacious, without closing off the space leading to her room, the cabinets are made of melamine that perfectly imitated the grain of wood.  This way, the rustic look found throughout the house remained true in each room.

Additionally, to further personalize Mariloup's walk-in closet, our designer even created a custom sliding cabinet for her jewelry!

A space perfectly designed and adapted for her and exceeding her expectations!