Alex Tagliani’s Perfect Basement

Custom design

A space that entirely reflects the driver where you can admire his trophies and racing suits while enjoying the giant screen! Discover Ateliers Jacob's projects at the home of Alexandre Tagliani by clicking here. Video and images by DB Médias Inc.

"When the Ateliers Jacob kitchen designers came in, I found it interesting to have someone on the design side who not only gave me what I asked for, but also guided me to avoid any problems in the construction. It was really fun to work with pros... Especially since there were many Alex Tagliani’s to satisfy in this project," he jokes, referring to the five mannequins dressed in the driver's old racing suits.

We designed the entire display to showcase Alex's various trophies and racing suits.

The lighting and layout give the basement a “museumesque” look.  Displaying two floors of helmets, most of which have been exchanged with other drivers in the tradition of racing.  The careful placement of each architectural and racing feature along with the bar area, made of white and gray glossy polymer cabinets seamlessly and organically accelerates guests and friends into a place where all the stories.