Polyethylene Cabinets


Polyethylene (PET) is a matt or glossy product of the polymer family. The design of the panels is carried out by nanotechnology. This process makes it possible to repair minor scratches and to be anti-imprint. This product is ideal when it comes to a robust price at an affordable price.


Easy maintenance

Solidity, Sustainability

Respect of the environment

Scratch resistance


Available door models: Shaker 5 pcs, Flat (urban) 

PURE GLUE Glued Edge Strip


Temperature sensitive

Imperfections more visible than materials with patterns

Acrylic Cabinets


Acrylic is a material based on particles or pine fibers that is then covered with a glossy acrylic film. The addition of acrylic doors in a kitchen or bathroom allows you to look for a contemporary, urban, and zen style.


Easy to maintain


UV Resistance

Excellent value for money


Single door model: Flat (urban)

Vulnerability to scratches

Vulnerability to water damage and other liquids.