Polymer Cabinets

Technological advancement

Polymer cabinets are becoming increasingly popular when designing kitchens, sporting a modern look that is as matte as it is glossy

This material is especially loved by parents with young children, as it is fingerprint proof. You’ll spend more time enjoying your beautiful kitchen and less time cleaning up fingerprints!

Sustainability at reasonable price

If the sustainability of your new cabinets is a must, the polymer cabinets could be a very good choice and its price is affordable.

Polymer cabinet

Polyethylene Cabinets 


Polyethylene (PET) is a matte or glossy product from the polymer family.  The design of the panels is produced by nanotechnology.  This process allows the cabinets to be anti-fingerprintPolyethylene is ideal when it comes to matching the desire of a sturdy material with an affordable price.


Easy to maintain 

Solid, durable 

Environmentally friendly 

Scratch resistant 


Door models available: 5-piece shaker, Flat (urban) 

Edge banding glued with PUR Glue 


Temperature sensitive 

Imperfections more visible than on material with patterns 

Acrylic Cabinets


Acrylic cabinets are MDF panels covered with a glossy acrylic film. The addition of acrylic doors in a kitchen or a bathroom allows for a contemporary, urban, and zen style. 


Easy to maintain 


Resistant to UV rays 

Excellent value 


Modèle de porte unique : Plat (urbaine) 

Vulnérabilité face aux égratignures 

Vulnérabilité aux dégâts d’eau et autres liquides.