Alex Tagliani’s Dream Walk-In

Custom design

Much more than a simple wardrobe, this walk-in closet is worthy of the largest boutiques! Discover the designs of Ateliers Jacob in the home of Alexandre Tagliani by clicking here. Video and images by DB Médias Inc.

"It was I, along with the designers from Ateliers Jacob, who thought of using backlit plexiglass to give the room a storefront look," says the racing driver. Indeed, we immediately notice the beautiful brightness of the room thanks to the use of LED backlighting; an idea from Alex himself that we immediately saw the enormous potential of!

And since they are found throughout the design of the house, our designers opted for glossy white polymer panels that reflect the light beautifully while keeping with the clean character of the house. Also note that there are no handles to detract from the fluidity of the whole; instead, we opted for handleless opening systems, also known as push door systems.