How do I maintain a stone countertop?

It’s no surprise that stone countertops are beautiful and add an element of sophistication to any kitchen, bathroom or room. However, ensuring the longevity of your stone countertop requires proper care and maintenance, after all, you want it to last for years!

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For homeowners with active family lives, especially those with children, this can be particularly challenging. Fortunately, maintaining your stone countertop is a relatively straightforward process. Read on to discover our tips and tricks for preserving its lifespan and exquisite appearance!

Understanding the Care Needs of Your Stone Countertop

A stone countertop can be a stunning addition to any space, but it’s essential to know the type of stone you have. Cleaning your surface daily is crucial, and for most materials, using clean water and mild soap is effective. However, cleaning alone is not sufficient. To protect and preserve your beautiful countertop, different materials require different care. Read on to learn how to properly care for your new stone countertop!

Avoid using chemical, acidic or abrasive products to clean your stone surface, which could potentially damage or roughen the surface or its finish. These harsh substances may also wear down the sealant or impregnating treatment of your granite countertop. Instead, opt for a soft cloth and a pH-neutral cleaner.

Îlot de quartz dans une cuisine d'Ateliers Jacob
The Nun’s Island Lifestyle Kitchen with quartz countertop, Ateliers Jacob

Preserving the Beauty of Quartz Countertops

Good news: your new quartz countertop requires  minimal maintenance!  Thanks to its density, quartz is highly resistance to stains, making it very attractive to those who prefer a low-maintenance option. To keep your quartz countertop looking its best, simply wipe the surface regularly with a damp cloth to prevent food or liquids from adhering to it. After each meal, clean it with a mild soap. In case any food does stick to the surface, you may need to scrub a little harder than usual. Don’t forget to clean up any mess as quickly as possible to keep its pristine appearance.

Meuble de cuisine dans un intérieur moderne.
The Milano Kitchen with granite countertop, Ateliers Jacob

Preserving the Beauty of Granite Countertops

To ensure your granite countertops preserve their timeless beauty, a little extra care is required. By following these simple tips, you can keep your countertop looking as good as new! To enhance the splendor of your family dinners and gatherings, apply a protective treatment before your guests arrive. There are several approved and recommended products by Ateliers Jacob specifically designed to safeguard your granite countertop. Here are a few options to consider:

Granite Sealer:  Easily found at leading retailers, a granite sealer is a product designed to temporarily seal the pores of the stone, creating a protective barrier against liquid penetration on your exquisite granite countertops and surfaces. As the sealer resides on the surface, it gradually fades with cleaning. To maintain its efficacy, reapply the sealer at least twice a year, and more frequently if your kitchen experiences high activity and frequent surface cleaning.

Granite Impregnating Treatment:  Readily available at authorized retailers, a granite impregnating treatment is a highly effective solution for repelling liquids and safeguarding against stains! Formulated with silicone-based compounds, this treatment boasts smaller molecules that deeply penetrate the stone’s pores instead of merely lingering on the surface, ensuring superior protection. It acts as a powerful deterrent against liquid penetration and serves as a reliable stain inhibitor. The treatment only needs to be applied once a year, thanks to its long-lasting penetration within the stone. However, if your countertop experiences above-average use and cleaning, it’s advisable to schedule more frequent reapplications for optimal results.

15-Year Guarantee Impregnating Treatment: Cautionary note: This remarkable treatment is very powerful! Manufactured by specialized experts, this factory-made solution eliminates the need for additional treatments or sealers. Its molecule size surpasses even the previously mentioned impregnating treatment, ensuring deeper penetration into the stone, fortifying its resistance against food and beverage stains beyond standard treatments. Although it dosen’t render granite 100% waterproof and splashproof, most authorized manufacturers provide an impressive 15-year warranty and stain service. If you want peace of mind and you don’t want to worry about maintenance concerns, this treatment is an excellent choice! It’s a worthwhile investment for your granite surface that guarantees reduce stress and enhanced enjoyment during your festive occasions.

Whether the surface is made of quartz or granite, avoid these six mistakes at all costs to preserve the beauty of countertop.

Cuisine noir et blanche avec îlot Ateliers Jacob.
The Havre Kitchen with quartz countertop, Ateliers Jacob

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Caring for Natural Stone Countertops and Surfaces

Never use vinegar or bleach on natural stone

It’s important to dispel a common misconception: vinegar, often regarded as a natural cleaning agent, is not suitable for all surfaces. In fact, it’s highly acidic and should never come into contact with stone, as it can cause damage to the finish and protective layer. The same caution applies for bleach. If you have a household helper, or guests who offer to clean the kitchen, be sure to let them know about this to avoid any accidental damage.

Forget scouring sponges

Avoid using scouring sponges when cleaning your treated quartz or granite countertops. For daily cleaning, a soft damp cloth is usually all you need to remove all types of stains effectively. For encrusted splatters, use a mild cleaner and warm water, but never scouring sponges or any other abrasive tools. These sponges can potentially dull the surface of your stone countertop and remove the sealant on granite surfaces.

Don’t seal granite

Contrary to popular belief, sealing granite is not necessary. While various sealants and treatments are available, granite countertops don’t require sealing. By avoiding the sealing process, you can still maintain the beauty of your countertop while saving time on unnecessary maintenance with proper care.

Let splashes penetrate the surface

To prevent stains and damage, address spills promptly. As soon as you notice a drop of wine or tomato sauce on your countertop, make it a priority to clean the surface immediately. By taking swift action, you can prevent these substances from penetrating the stone and causing potential stains or discolouration.

Don’t cut directly on your natural stone countertop

To protect your natural stone countertop from knife marks and potential damage, it’s important to avoid cutting directly on its surface. Instead, use cutting boards specifically designed for this purpose. Not only will using a cutting board prevent any harm to your countertop, but it also offers the convenience of being dishwasher-safe and easily replaceable if it becomes worn over time. This way, you can preserve the beauty of your countertop without the need for costly replacements.

Use coasters, trivets or other surface protectors

Whether you’re enjoying everyday meals or hosting special gatherings, make it a habit to use coasters for drinks and trivets for hot pots and pans. By placing dishes, food, and other items on boards, placemats, or coasters, you’ll ensure that your countertops remain free from stains, splatters, and potential damage. This simple practice will grant you peace of mind and help maintain the pristine appearance of your countertops for years to come.

Cuisine avec des comptoirs en quartz et des armoires en chêne
Oak Kitchen in Nature with quartz backsplash and countertop, Ateliers Jacob

This short guide aims to assist you in preserving the impeccable appearance of your natural stone countertop. By following these few tips, you can relish the timeless beauty of your countertop for years to come, without worrying too much about its maintenance.

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