Finding Your Timeless Kitchen Style Beyond Trends

Finding the perfect style for your kitchen may seem difficult. But don't worry, Ateliers Jacob is here to guide you. Discover our 2023 complete guide to help you find your personal style among these six varied kitchen styles.

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black wall kitchen cabinet with elegant handles and a central island  Ateliers Jacob.

The Classic Kitchen

Classic kitchens are chic, elegant and timeless, resisting fleeting trends and fashions. They evoke unforgettable evenings, lively conversations around the table, moments of complicity in the kitchen, and cozy breakfasts in the morning light. With soft hues like white, beige, or ivory, subtle patterns, and warm textures like wood grain and masonry, these kitchens radiate comfort and a warm, friendly ambience.

Classic kitchens typically feature traditionally styled cabinetry, crafted from durable, noble materials.  Don’t dismiss them as ordinary! They offer plenty of room for creativity by adding colourful, trendy lighting and accessories that can be updated over time.

Embrace the classic kitchen style, a blend of tradition and modernity, where endless moments of joy and comfort await.

Cuisine de style classique blanche Ateliers Jacob
The classic Notre-Dame kitchen, Ateliers Jacob

The Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary kitchens are a top choice for homeowners who want to add a unique, modern touch to their home. With its clean lines, minimalist accents, and a perfect blend of natural materials and high-tech innovations, this kitchen offers the best of both worlds. Our contemporary kitchens are practical, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. While minimalist, they’re impossible not to appreciate.

This living space offers a harmonious blend of natural materials like wood, stone, and marble, paired with the efficiency of a modern kitchen.

The space is bathed in plenty of natural or artificial light, while meticulous attention to detail: quality handles, neutral flooring that exudes comfort and durability, and high-tech gadgets, make life in the kitchen so much easier! These elements seamlessly blend together to bestow a chic and modern look upon the contemporary kitchen. It’s all about striking the right balance between style and functionality, while adding your own creative touch to each design element!

The contemporary Du Havre kitchen, Ateliers Jacob

The Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchens are defined by their sleek design and uncluttered spaces. Its minimalist aesthetic showcases the essentials while emphasizing efficiency and functionality. With flapless cabinetry and minimalist accessories and details, the modern kitchen is efficient, functional, and easy to maintain, while storage is maximized to free up counter space. Every element is designed with ergonomics in mind, allowing everyday life to take its place.

Raw materials, smooth surfaces, and dark tones create a sophisticated and calm atmosphere in this sleek and stylish kitchen.

Cuisine moderne avec îlot central et rangement sur mesure dans une maison de ville rénovée.
The modern Mistral kitchen, Ateliers Jacob

The Transitional Kitchen

Experience the harmony of traditional and modern elements in the transitional kitchen. This trendy yet timeless style combines classic materials with unique touches, creating a beautiful contrast that captivates. Versatility is key in this space, offering endless possibilities.

With furniture crafted from wood or lacquered MDF, the colours are sober and natural. Shades of white, gray, beige, or greige, combined with warmer tones, bring unity and add depth. The transitional kitchen is not only attractive, but also comfortable and welcoming, making it a popular choice in recent years.

Cuisine transitionnelle Ateliers Jacob avec des armoires grises
The transitional Balmoral kitchen, Ateliers Jacob

The Urban Kitchen

Urban kitchens feature industrial-style elements where natural wood, aluminum, and metals come together in sober, neutral tones for a very modern ambience. Urban design plays with textures and material blending, creating depth and character. Lighting and colour choices play a pivotal role in shaping the desired atmosphere, ensuring a welcoming space to spend time in. Contrary to expectations, this warm and comfortable setting perfectly suits everyday family life.

The urban kitchen is both practical and functional, emphasizing easy-care materials like Dekton or Corian countertops and wood or polymer cabinetry. While commonly found in urban areas, it also blends seamlessly into suburbs and even countryside settings, as long as the house style aligns and, most importantly, if it resonates with your personal kitchen design preferences!

Cuisine Urbaine Ateliers Jacob
The urban Geneviève Everell kitchen, Ateliers Jacob

The Farmhouse Kitchen

Step into the farmhouse-style kitchen where country charm and incomparable warmth reign supreme. This inviting space is perfect for creating cherished family moments and preparing delicious meals. Natural materials like wood, stone, and tile set the stage, while warm hues create an inviting ambiance. Granite or quartz countertops add finesse and practicality to family-oriented kitchens. Large central islands provide ample storage and workspace, along with rustic wood cabinetry and decoration that is a little busier compared to other kitchen styles. If you like floral accents, you’ll find plenty in the farmhouse kitchen! Some homes showcase farmhouse elements like exposed wooden beams or a large brick fireplace, adding character to the space. Balancing these elements with modern conveniences and smart storage solutions creates a kitchen that is both functional and welcoming. The farmhouse kitchen is a timeless treasure!

Cuisine avec un îlot central en bois avec une place assise
The farmhouse Mont Blanc kitchen, Ateliers Jacob

If you’re considering a kitchen makeover, you’ve come to the right place! With today’s renovation trends and cutting-edge materials, your new kitchen will be a stunning reflection of your style and meet all your needs. Transform the heart of your home into a welcoming space that brings you joy every day.

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