LEVIC Project

Custom design

Discover this new exceptional property in the Plateau Mount-Royal! We’re a proud collaborator on this great success shared with LEVIC.

This stunning flip of 4310 de la Roche is a work proudly completed by LEVIC and its partners!

Inaugurated in the middle of the summer, this exceptional new property in the Plateau Mount-Royal district, formerly a semi-commercial building, is stunning many with its vast, bright rooms, its sophisticated design and its luxurious character, all in keeping with today's prevailing  tastes.

Congratulations to our members and their close collaborators for this shared success.

Realization: Times Construction, Jean-François Poisson & Alexandre Mainville

Fenestration systems: Fabelta Systèmes de Fenestration, Eric Desroches

Kitchens and bathrooms: Ateliers Jacob

Interior and exterior siding: Juste du Pin, Pier-Luc Ouellette