Melamine and Polyester Cabinets

Durable and versatile

Our melamine and polyester cabinets are economical choices that suit all budgets. There is a wide variety of colors and finishes availableBoth melamine and polyester are easy to maintain and have a very good general resistance.

PUR glue

The finishing of the edge strips is done with PUR glue. As it is of superior quality and has proven its durability, it is without a doubt the best glue in its sector of activity.

This technique is intended for applications with invisible seals allowing them to be of high quality.

Melamine Cabinet

Melamine Cabinets 


Melamine is a raw material used in the production of wood-based panelsIt is a panel made up of particles, otherwise known as “chipboard”.  The panel is pressurized with heat and a sheet of paper loaded with resinColors and finishes can be used vertically when designing the kitchen or in any other interior projectWhen applying melamine to a panel, a PVC membrane is glued to the sides of the melamine panel through edge banding, thus allowing the desired color and finish to be visible from all available angles. 


Vast choice of colors and finishes 

Affordable and economical price 

Easy to maintain 

Good resistance to wear, heat, bending, light, abrasion and most chemicals 

Edges in PVC 


Vulnerable to scratches 

Vulnerable to water and other liquid damage 

Polyester Melamine Cabinets


Polyester melamine cabinets are a blend of melamine and polyester.  The center panel of the doors is made of melamine while the casements are made of MDF (medium density fibreboard) covered with a polyester film. The 5-piece shaker models and polyester finishes feature a striking resemblance to wood.  So, it is possible to have the appearance of wood at a lower price with the polyester option. 


Huge variety of colors 

Easy to maintain 

Solid construction 

Better durability than regular melamine 

Fade resistant 

Wood appearance 


Lower resistance to heat 

Vulnerable to damage from water and other liquids. 

Difficult to retouch in case of scratches 

Unique door style available: Shaker – 5 pieces