Light, adaptable and resilient

Aluminum is the material of choice for integrating shiny elements into your projects. These door frames allow for a flexible application of different types of glass.  This feature also allows you to add a material to the kitchen that does not compete with the other materials chosen for your design plans. 

Kadrium frame doors


Kadrium models are door frames with an aluminum contour.  Frames are available in a wide variety of designs that allow glass to be integrated into both thin and thick door profiles.  One of our models also makes it possible to apply glass, mirror, or stone on the front without seeing the frame.   

Available in several finishes, aluminum can be coloured, brushed, or satin.  These finishes are treated by anodizing or by “powder coating”, which ensures that the material does not flake off.   

We love this product for the flexibility it adds to our designs as well as its unique look that pairs perfectly with other materials in our collection. 


Increased resistance to heat and humidity 

Easy to maintain 

Timeless design 

Low carbon footprint 


Many choices of finishes


High price 

Lack of crosspiece for glasses