The Riverside

Transitional kitchen

When a classic kitchen is combined with just a touch of modern, you get this lovely transitional look! Since the space is a little smaller in this room, our kitchen designer was able to play with colors and textures to give the room more depth.

The kitchen cabinets are made of two-tone lacquered MDF in white and gray, and since they are arranged in the lab kitchen pattern, you can look out the huge window while cooking. The island sits in the center of the kitchen and is perfectly placed that way! If you notice the design of the legs of this island, you’ll see the classic look is even down to the smallest details!

Since we also delight in a touch of the modern, we opted for cabinets and multiple drawers with clean, rectilinear and refined lines.  For the counters and backsplash we chose a textured granite that compliments the light fixtures.