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Patricia Cantin

The Steve Begin Kitchen

Transitional kitchen

As the sun began to set over the lake, Steve Begin, an NHL hockey player, stood in his newly renovated kitchen with a sense of pride and satisfaction. As he admired his work, Steve was reminded of why he had chosen Ateliers Jacob for so many projects over the years.

Upon entering the kitchen, one is struck by the natural light that floods the room. Thanks to large floor-to-ceiling glass doors, the view of the lake is unobstructed. There could be no better place to prepare meals and enjoy unforgettable moments with family and friends.

Cuisine conçue par Ateliers Jacob avec des armoires noires en bois et un grand îlot central
Cuisine conçue par Ateliers Jacob avec des armoires noires en bois et un grand îlot central

The kitchen’s centrepiece is the waterfall island with a natural stone countertop. With a countertop is made of the Italian Laminam in invisible white colour and a centred sink, it’s the perfect place to prepare meals while enjoying a breathtaking view of the lake and the dining room. On top of that, there’s plenty of well-concealed storage space for kitchen utensils and equipment. Additional seating on the island makes moments with family and friends even more joyful.

On the same wall, a black oak sliding door reveals a spacious, well-concealed pantry. There’s even a barista’s corner for preparing excellent coffee. This pantry also offers additional storage space, discreetly hidden behind the elegant door. This trick makes it easy to keep the kitchen clean and organized.

The wall perpendicular to the cooking area is more than just a wall, it’s a multitasker. With its cabinet’s wall, it provides much-needed storage space in a kitchen. But that’s not all, the cabinets also house a refrigerator, freezer and bar area. Elegant custom-made black oak doors from our Wood Collection create a striking contrast with the white walls and our Lacquer Collection stylishly defines the bar area. Arched door cabinets with glass doors provide ample storage space. The light oak on the inside of these doors adds depth and cozy warmth to the entire kitchen.

Our Oak Wood Collection was used inside the glass cabinet to create a visual impact, contrasting with the black oak cabinet doors. Cabinets from the same, black-stained Oak Collection add cozy warmth to the space.