Dream Walk-In at Alex Tagliani’s Place

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Way more than a simple wardrobe, this walk-in is worthy of the greatest boutiques!

"I was the one, with the designers from Ateliers Jacob, who thought about using backlit Plexiglass to give a store look to the room,", mentions the racing driver. Indeed, we instantly note the beautiful room luminosity, thanks to the LED backlights; an idea from Alex himself, of which we immediately saw the great potential!

As found in many places throughout the house concept, our designers have opted for glossy white polymer panels which perfectly reflect light, according to the residence's refined character. Also note that there are no handles affecting the fluidity of the décor; instead we decided to go for opening systems without handles, also called Push to Open System.

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Video and images by DB Médias Inc.

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Budget guide
= Less than $25,000
= Between $25,000 and $50,000
= More than $50,000

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