Matériaux d'armoire
European Laminate
Laurie Bonin-Gohier

The Cœur de Pirate Kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen

When we think of Béatrice Martin, better known as Coeur de Pirate, her melancholic melodies and poetic lyrics often come to mind. Today, we enter her sanctuary: a mid-century modern kitchen that perfectly complements the chalet’s architecture. Its design combines elements of eclecticism and nostalgia, like a soft reminiscence of Cœur de Pirate music.

From an architectural perspective, mid-twentieth-century houses have spacious interiors with large windows. With the collaboration of Marilou de Langlois Albert from an architecture and interior design firm, and Laurie Bonin-Gohier, a senior kitchen designer at Ateliers Jacob, Béatrice has realized a space that balances her home’s original architectural elements with contemporary design.

Coeur de pirate avec son chien dans sa cuisine Ateliers Jacob

Design and Materials

The renovation began with the demolition of the old kitchen. Laurie Bonin-Gohier took the lead in designing a space that harmonizes with the original woodwork of the ceiling, beams, and walls, which were retained to preserve the chalet’s character. Warm brown tones were chosen to highlight these features, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Custom Living Space

Ateliers Jacob’s “European Laminate” collection perfectly imitates the authentic look and feel of natural wood. It was chosen to custom design the kitchen cabinets and island because it is timeless, durable and easy to maintain, making it the perfect choice for Beatrice and her family, which includes a young child. The “Nogal Victoria” finish was selected to align with the mid-century style of the house.

La cuisine de Coeur de Pirate conçue par Ateliers Jacob

Clean Lines With Finger-Grip Handles

In pursuit of a seamless and minimalist aesthetic, Béatrice opted for finger-grip handles. The cabinet fronts function as handles, preserving clean lines throughout the space while ensuring practicality and ease of use.

A Subtle Plaster Range Hood

Unlike the imposing hoods that are often found in modern kitchens, this discreet hood leaves visual space for other strong kitchen elements. It blends in perfectly with the décor, adding a touch of simplicity and sophistication.

A Classic Revisited: Ultra-Thin White Tile Backsplash

The kitchen’s backsplash pays homage to mid-century style with ultra-thin white tiles and dark grouting. This timeless yet modern design provides a subtle yet textured background that complements the other elements of the room. The dark joints add a delicate contrast that highlights the geometric lines and gives the design more richness and depth to the kitchen.