The Véronique Cloutier’s Kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen

The daylight filters in through large windows, caressing the room with a soft glow. The breathtaking view of Mount Royal reveals an architecture that seems frozen in time, infused with elegance and charm. Each detail, from the high ceilings to the imposing doors, tells a story, preserved with love and respect. More than just a kitchen, it is a place of gathering, sharing and happiness that has become a sanctuary. It is more than a kitchen: it is a place of gathering and sharing, a sanctuary for Véro and her family.

Before even beginning to explore the material samples and colours in the Ateliers Jacob collection for her new kitchen, Véro already had a clear vision in mind: preserving the original essence and character of the space, while adding a touch of modernity and freshness. To achieve this perfect balance, she decided to incorporate wood into her design. This choice brings a natural elegance and warmth that perfectly complements the design, creating a welcoming and timeless atmosphere.

Détail de la cuisine de Véronique Cloutier. Des Armoires crème d'Ateliers Jacob
La cuisine et la salle à manger de Véronique Cloutier conçue par Ateliers Jacob

Design and Materials

Every choice in Véro’s kitchen has been meticulously designed to evoke the very essence of the space.

Lacquer, chosen for its impeccable finish, invites the touch, recalling an era when elegance was synonymous with great attention to detail. It’s like an invitation to feel the softness of the yesteryear while remaining in the present.

In harmony with this aesthetic, the choice of the European laminate brings a subtle balance between the room’s historic charm and a refined modernity, remaining true to the timeless elegance of the space.


Détail du comptoir de l'îlot de la cuisine de Véronique Cloutier

The countertop, meanwhile, echoes the noble materials used in the original construction, while embodying a contemporary, functional look.

The black handles add a bold touch to the ensemble, creating a subtle contrast with the neutral tones.
The white faucet, discreet yet elegant, blends harmoniously into the decor, adding a note of softness and finesse to the whole.

Finally, the brass band adorning the island adds a touch of glamour and theatricality, nodding to classic materials while captivating the eye with its striking beauty.